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Aagh moving again!

We are on the move again. The current office is being demolished for redevelopment.

The new office will be in Maidstone and we are due to move in on November 1st.

More details later.

Moving Office

Due to the Medway Enterprise Centre closing down because “it’s not viable” we have had to move office. After 19 years operating from there it came as bit of a shock.

We found a new office on the Medway City Estate. Our new address is Lingley House, Commissioners Road, Rochester ME2 4EE.

After many days sorting stuff out, throwing away stuff and having to buy a bit more stuff we are all moved in.

Alternative website

Having acquired the domain name www.videodvdtransfer.co.uk a few months ago I thought it was about time I set about putting some content on the site. Well it is now all done and the website is live at www.videodvdtransfer.co.uk

As it’s name suggests the site is just for video to DVD transfer. It is a responsive site so should be ok to view on desktop computers as well as tablets and smartphones.

Video to DVD transfer has become quite a large part of VideoPoint’s business over the last year and shows no sign of dropping off. With hundreds of customers already, video to DVD transfer is set to become a major part of the business.

Check out the website at www.videodvdtransfer.co.uk and if you have any tapes you want converted (who doesn’t?) please get in touch.

Information Security

Had a few days filming at the InfoSecurity exhibition at Earls Court last week along with Kevin Cook of Video Artisan and Dilip Patel on behalf of the organisers.

I never imagined there was so much involved in information security however with 15000 people attending they obviously did. Some of these companies at the exhibition must have spent £000’s on their stands, some of which were very elaborate. One even had a Formula 1 car, vertical, on it’s wall.

Some of my work can be seen on You Tube here



These were filmed during the day, edited by Dilip and uploaded within minutes of the end of each day. Other video shot on the day will be used in future corporate/website videos.

More info on website videos can be found here www.videoformywebsite.co.uk 

Overall quite a tiring few, long but interesting, days. It is strange how a relatively light camera seems to gain in weight during the day.

Dancing Bluebells

No it’s not a post about the joys of spring but about the Bluebell School Of Dance in Chatham. I had the pleasure to film their production of the ballet Cinderella last weekend. Three performances over three nights by dancers ranging in age from 5 to 18/19.

I have been filming their productions since 1996 when they performed The Nutcracker. I must confess I don’t know too much about ballet. Actually let’s be honest I know nothing about ballet but the Bluebell dancers put so much effort into their productions I always enjoy filming their shows.

And it must rub off because  I was watching University Challenge the other night and the music round was about ballet music and I managed to answer 2 out of the three questions and I nearly got the third one right.

You can find more about filming dance shows at wwww.danceshowvideo.co.uk or click the link above.

Disclaimer: Other dance schools are available :-)

Cine Films and Glorious Weather

As mentioned previously, I have been doing this video thing for over 20 years but it never ceases to amaze me how much cine film there is out there.

I have been transferring cine to video and DVD since I started and it just keeps on coming in! Having all those grainy memories transferred onto DVD is the only way to view these films now for the majority of people. Their old projectors have long since died and all those memories are locked into that little 4 inch reel.

Having watched 1000’s of feet of cine I can say that what glorious weather we used to have in the “old days” – everyday seems a sunny day on the beach in most places in the world. Or does this mean that we only got our cine cameras out when we went on holiday and then left them at home when it rained? Um.


You can learn more about our cine to DVD service by clicking the “go to VideoPoint ” link above or over on the right.

VideoPoint first blog post!


Welcome to my first blog post.

I’ve been doing this video thing for over 20 years full time and 6 years part time before that. I’ve had my office since 1996 on the Medway City Estate in Rochester providing a comprehensive range of video services to the general public and businesses.

I expect you’ve landed here after clicking a link on my website but if you haven’t you can take a look at my websites using the links above or on the right.

Brett Allen