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Dancing Bluebells

No it’s not a post about the joys of spring but about the Bluebell School Of Dance in Chatham. I had the pleasure to film their production of the ballet Cinderella last weekend. Three performances over three nights by dancers ranging in age from 5 to 18/19.

I have been filming their productions since 1996 when they performed The Nutcracker. I must confess I don’t know too much about ballet. Actually let’s be honest I know nothing about ballet but the Bluebell dancers put so much effort into their productions I always enjoy filming their shows.

And it must rub off because  I was watching University Challenge the other night and the music round was about ballet music and I managed to answer 2 out of the three questions and I nearly got the third one right.

You can find more about filming dance shows at wwww.danceshowvideo.co.uk or click the link above.

Disclaimer: Other dance schools are available :-)