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Information Security

Had a few days filming at the InfoSecurity exhibition at Earls Court last week along with Kevin Cook of Video Artisan and Dilip Patel on behalf of the organisers.

I never imagined there was so much involved in information security however with 15000 people attending they obviously did. Some of these companies at the exhibition must have spent £000’s on their stands, some of which were very elaborate. One even had a Formula 1 car, vertical, on it’s wall.

Some of my work can be seen on You Tube here



These were filmed during the day, edited by Dilip and uploaded within minutes of the end of each day. Other video shot on the day will be used in future corporate/website videos.

More info on website videos can be found here www.videoformywebsite.co.uk 

Overall quite a tiring few, long but interesting, days. It is strange how a relatively light camera seems to gain in weight during the day.